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Funk Coffee + Food to Open June 2019

21 Feb 2019

With a mantra to stand out from the crowd, Funk Coffee + Food will bring a fresh new flavour and coffee culture to the heart of Port Adelaide. Already well established in Adelaide with 16 locations stretching from the hills, the CBD and seaside, Funk Coffee + Food pride themselves as “a one stop shop where you can rely on exceptional service and quality, an oasis in the busy work day”.

Sourcing fresh and local produce from South Australian producers, the popular coffee operators have created a menu that is fun and fresh with delicious seasonal specials that cater for a range of palates and include gluten free and vegetarian options.

“Funk sources only the best quality beans for our specialty custom roast. This coupled with Baristas that are trained in the art of making a damn fine cup of coffee, makes for a first-class coffee and food experience.”
Mel Cameron, Funk Operations Manager.



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