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Did you know Australia Post is Australia's largest retail network? Or that it delivers 20 million items to 11 million addresses across Australia everyday?

Australia Post

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For all your shipping needs, bills, payments and finance, account services, parcels and online selling, identity services and business solutions, Australia Post is your destination.

Australia Post provide services to many Australians, and regularly visit over 11.7million addresses across the country. They’ve cut carbon emissions by over 20% since 2010 and are on track to reach a 25% reduction by 2020, through activities such as increasing the use of electric bikes and vehicles within their fleet. Australia Post also have one of Australia's largest retail networks with over 4,300 Post Offices, including 2,500+ in rural and remote areas.

Over their long history, their social purpose and commitment to the community has remained the same; to create connections and opportunities that matter to every Australian.


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