Port Adelaide Plaza Open Today
9:00am - 5:30pm
Celebrate Australia Day!

Free Face Masks

Free Face Masks

Port Adelaide Plaza shoppers have access to free face masks. We want to see everyone wearing a mask while hunting for the best deal these holidays. We have face masks available for free, to give shoppers as an important layer of protection.

A face mask will help keep you and those around you healthy and safe. Whether you bring your own, or collect a disposable one, wearing a mask will help you and we are sure our retail workers will appreciate it too.  Free masks are available from Shoe Express.

We encourage customers to wear a face mask based on South Australian Government recommendations.  

We expect our employees, contractors, retail partners and customers to follow the advice of health authorities at all times. This includes the requirement for service providers to wear a face covering, when working in our Centre. 

Happy Holidays.