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St. Georges Bakehouse Now Open

St. Georges Bakehouse Now Open

St Georges Bakehouse commenced in 1989 at 476 Portrush Road, Linden Park. 

The company enjoyed significant growth over the years and in 2008 it became apparent that that we had outgrown the Linden Park location (which included the kitchen along with three bakers).

I began the search for larger premises which would comfortably accommodate the kitchen, the bakers and, in particular, provide another shopfront.

By the end of 2008 a second site was found and the bakers moved into the kitchen they desired as they were now baking for three locations. The number of bakers had grown from three to seven.

Some of our bakers have been with us for many years and have a wealth of baking experience. We have achieved something that no other bakery has done in South Australia. We had won the great Aussie meat pie competition for having the best pie in Australia. This has given us huge exposure, not only in South Australia but across the country.

We make a huge range of products including a variety of pie flavours; pasties; a large assortment of cakes and slices and many types of breads - such as rolls, focaccias, baguettes and a considerable selection of yeast products including Danishes and scrolls.

Our coffee beans are grown in certified organic plantations and are free from any form of chemical additives. "Grinders Coffee" supply the coffee beans and an assortment of teas.

We also operate a very popular sandwich bar where we make a variety of fresh rolls, sandwiches or baguettes daily - either pre-made or prepared to our customer's requirements.

I really don't think there are any special secrets to having a successful bakery business. I just follow four simple steps which I call "QSVC":
Q - Quality
S - Service
V - Value
C - Cleanliness