Happy to Chat project

28/07/2023 to 25/07/2024

Enjoy a FREE coffee and chat!


Event Details

  • 28/07/2023 to 25/07/2024

Help tackle loneliness and improve the wellbeing of those in our local community!

In partnership with Port Adelaide Enfield Council, we are proud to introduce the ‘Happy to Chat’ seating. The concept is very simple - the seating area has a welcoming sign on it that reads: ‘Happy to Chat: Sit Here If You Don’t Mind Someone Stopping to Say Hello’.

By providing a platform for people to support one another and offer genuine connection we can increase empathy and reduce the rate of loneliness in our community. The benches provide everyone with an opportunity to take a little time out, meet someone new and gain insight into other peoples’ experiences. 

Date & Time - Monday, 1pm-2pm and Wednesday, 10am-11am

Location - seating pod near Vodafone

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