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ANZAC Day Crafts

19 Apr 2020

ANZAC Day Crafts
Enjoy making these DIY crafts with your kids to help them understand and commemorate this special day.



Poppies are traditionally associated with commemorating the service our soldiers gave us, since the fields of Flanders in Belgium were covered in them during the First World War. 

What you need

  • 1 x piece of red A4 paper
  • 1 x green chenille stem
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler


Measure and cut two 10cm x 10cm squares from the red paper.

Fold each square into quarters and then fold on the diagonal, so that each folded edge meets and the cut edge is along the top.

Now mark out a curve on the triangle.

Cut along that curve.

When you open it out, you should have a red flower shape. Make two.

Snip a hole in the centre of each red flower shape, push the chenille stem through the centre and tie a knot or twist to keep it in place.

Add a dab of glue to the underside of the flower where it meets the chenille stem, for good measure.



Head out into the garden and collect colourful autumn leaves to make this simple wreath. Come Anzac Day, you and your family can place it on your door as a mark of respect. 

What you need

  • autumn leaves in different colours and sizes
  • 1 x paper plate
  • strong craft glue (or a hot glue gun works best if you have one)
  • 50cm or so of ribbon
  • scissors


Start by cutting the centre out of your paper plate. Do this by folding it in half and then cutting a 5-8cm border.

Now just glue on your leaves. It looks best if you overlap them and use lots of different colours.

When you've covered the rim in leaves, add some ribbon: a bow at the bottom and some bits of ribbon all the way around the circle will provide the ideal finishing touches to your wreath.

Hang it on your front door as a mark of respect.