Enjoy Stronger, Stunning Nails With SNS


SNS, the latest breakthrough in nail solutions, is taking the industry by storm. If you're tired of chipped polish and weak nail beds, here's why you'll love SNS.



Long gone are the days of limited choices, as Signature Nail Systems (SNS) exert pure innovation and expediency for the everyday client. SNS is presently the unrivalled alternative in pink and white dipping powder systems; providing a longer-lasting, durable colour excluding the use of any UV light, primer or hard chemicals.

SNS is not available everywhere, and it's a unique process that only trained nail technicians are able to perform. Each nail colour is derived from a special strengthening powder, which nails are routinely dipped into. This special powder contains both calcium and Vitamin E, which assure extra durability and speedy growth.

In addition, this process boasts a simplified, fast-drying application so you won't have to worry about bumping anything on your way out!


Not only are nails stronger, but they're sublimely stunning! Revel in an odour-free end result with a high-shine and added durability. Choose from a wide range of riveting colours, where each embodies an unsurpassed formula designed to perfection.

And if you've had acrylic nails before, you'll understand the partial pain they inflict on each nail bed. Many clients report this feeling as 'heavy', but with SNS - you won't feel this at all. It's incredibly lightweight!


Get your shine on with SNS at Port Adelaide Plaza's renowned nail salon, New Star Nails, now open 7 days a week (Sunday is by appointment-only). Whether you're after me-time or some glamour for your next event, New Star Nails Port Adelaide are sure to nail your needs. Select from an optimal selection of nail polish, opt for custom designs or get glitzy with gemstones, stickers, pearls and much more to choose from.

Nailed It!

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