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How to decorate your home this Christmas… on a budget!

28 Nov 2018

How to decorate your home this Christmas… on a budget!
When’s the right time to bring out the tinsel and start draping the fairy lights? According to a large number of festive Australians, the 1st of December is your green flag to start decorating. Here at Port Adelaide Plaza Shopping Centre, we’re excited and feeling jolly, so we’ve put together some top tips and stores to get the most out of your Christmas decoration shopping on a budget.

Deck the halls with these top 5 cheap decoration hacks:

1. Cheap Package Ornaments.

Decorating a house for Christmas can become extremely pricey if you are purchasing individual decorations. Christmas baubles and ornaments are available in bulk packs from:

The Reject Shop: $9.00


Kmart: $10.00


2. Save on Festive Lighting

We all want our gardens to glisten and glow during December with festive lights and decorations. Don’t break the bank and blow your electricity bill this season, invest in solar fairy lights to dress your home and embrace the holiday spirit.

The Reject Shop: $49.00


The Reject Shop: $30.00


The Reject Shop: $15.00


3. Decorate Your Door

Christmas wreaths are one of the most overpriced Christmas decorations. But don’t worry; Port Canal has a variety of stunning door display, all at amazing affordable prices. 

Kmart: $15.00


Kmart: $7.00


Kmart: $2.00


4. Decorative Dinner Tables

Whether you’re inside, outside, at the table or on a picnic rug, everyone loves a good table decoration. Lucky for you, decorating you table is one of the most affordable areas in your home. The key is to pick a colour theme and mix and match. Shop our great range of coloured napkins, table centrepieces and decorations.

The Reject Shop: $2.50


The Reject Shop: $9.00


Coles: $8.00


Coles: $2.00


Coles: $2.00


Kmart: $9.00


Kmart: $4.00


5. Last but not least… Your tree.

Some might say the most important decoration of the house; your Christmas tree.

If you’re looking to avoid the bugs and maintenance that comes with a real Chritsmas Tree, we have a wide range of cheap Christmas tree options on offer at Port Canal Shopping Centre:

Kmart: $99.00


Kmart: $10.00


The Reject Shop: $29.00


The Reject Shop: $10.00


So, get excited, decorate and sleigh this Christmas thanks to Port Adelaide Plaza.

*Prices correct as of 28 November 2018