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5 Most Haunted Places in Adelaide

27 Oct 2017

5 Most Haunted Places in Adelaide


Otherwise know as 'Port Misery' since 1837, Port Adelaide carries a wealth of murders, ghosts and haunted buildings. And after you take a Port Adelaide Ghost Tour, you'll understand why. Hear stories like the 1944 tale of Chinese sailor Lee Pao, who was discovered in the Port River dead with three nails in his head, or visit where Jane Doe 'Broadway Kate' was found deceased, near stripped and lying on a mattress - but no one knows how she was killed.


If you've watched the movie Paranormal Activity, then visiting Old Adelaide Gaol is like hoping to see the real-life Australian version. It was South Australia's first prison, open from 1841 and closed in 1988, ticking off a total of 45 executions, several suicides and unexplainable occurrences; from ghosts to of course, paranormal activities.


Adelaide Arcade, which was built in 1885, had electric lighting before any other retail centre in Australia - what sounded innovative at the time, ended in utter horror. The ghost of the Arcade's Caretaker, Francis Cluney, is said to wander upstairs. Cluney was trying to fix a broken light when he tragically fell into the generator and died. It's also believed that psychic Joan Lesley along with five other ghosts, including Brigette Kennedy Byron, whom killed herself after murdering her three-year-old son, also reside there.


Rumour has it that Schneider's Alley, also known as Michael Perry Reserve, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Dr Michael Schneider, who's said to kill many children. Schneider was the owner of Clifton Manor, a place very close to this alley. Mostly for fun, games, chills and thrills, many people continue to visit this place in the hope of encountering the ghost himself - especially after this 2011 YouTube video went viral.


You may recognise this name from the Australian cult classic Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975), which thoroughly features the inside of this Georgian-style historic building. And if you haven't seen this movie, then it's definitely a creeper you need to add to your list of Halloween flicks. Close to Mintaro, the mansion Martindale Hall was first built in 1879 and initially belonged to Sir Edmund Bowman's son, but was then sold to the Mortlock family. In 1965, it was bestowed upon the University of Adelaide. Now, it's a museum (or formally, a 'Conservation Park') which hosts group murder-mystery night, overnight accomodation and surprise-surprise, is said to have a few ghosts as tenants If you think you can handle it - book a tour with Port Adelaide Plaza Ghost Crime Tours on 1300 0 GHOST or book online, but before you do, stock up on garlic to repel blood-sucking insects and evil spirits at Port Canal Fresh.Hurry, limited spots available - tours selling out fast! Serviced office Sydney for shared office space and meeting rooms in Crowsnest.