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4 Movies to Watch WIth The Family During Halloween

31 Oct 2017

4 Movies to Watch WIth The Family During Halloween

Tricks, treats and a slate of funny family movies can make for a super-duper Halloween. Try one of these four flicks, which can amuse kids and adults alike.


Creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky, The Addams Family is a perfect pick for Halloween. The quirky family lives in an eerie mansion, complete with a detached hand in a box as their servant. This 1991 movie proves even quirky families need to be wary of dangerous outsiders, such as a man posing as their long lost Uncle Fester in order to steal from the family fortune.


After spending 300 years in the afterworld, three witch sisters are brought back to life on Halloween night in this family friendly 1993 flick. The witches just so happen to be in Salem, Massachusetts, where they were initially executed for practicing their evil witchcraft. They intend to continue their reign of evil, unless they're stopped by a pair of teens, a young girl and a feisty cat before it's too late.


The notorious friendly ghost is more adorable than ever in this 1995 movie. He's also ready to help a paranormal expert and his daughter after they move into a haunted old mansion. His help is desperately needed, as the mansion is home to Casper's three evil ghost uncles: Stretch, Fatso and Stinkie. The ghost uncles are set to drive the "fleshies" out of the house, while the paranormal expert and his daughter are set on helping the evil uncle ghosts cross over to the other side.



Another ghost tries to come to the rescue in this 1997 film, in this case the ghost of a girl from the Renaissance era who shows up to help 12-year-old Kevin. Kevin is upset that his mom uprooted their lives to move into an old castle in Romania, bringing along her conniving fiancé. Kevin and the ghost girl end up best friends with two main missions: saving the old castle that's been in the ghost's family for centuries and helping Kevin's mom see her fiancé is up to no good.

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