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Top 3 skincare tips to keep you glowing all winter

31 Jul 2019

Top 3 skincare tips to keep you glowing all winter

1. Exfoliating is essential

It is hard to moisturise your dry skin if it’s shielded by a layer of dead skin. A light or gentle exfoliate every few days in winter will ensure that all dead skin cells and debris are removed and your skin can effectively soak up the moisturiser you put on it.

For your legs:

Exfoliating gloves $3.80 from Coles


For your face:

Gentle Rosehip facial exfoliator $10.50 from Coles



2. Switch to a body oil over a moisturising cream

Serums and face oils have smaller molecules allowing them to sink and penetrate deeper into our skin and hydrating more intensely than majority of moisturiser creams. For your face, try adding a serum to your skin care routine and for your body, coconut oil is a must!

Lathering your scaly legs, rough elbows even damaged hair with coconut oil will intensely moisturise and can even assist in healing wounds and reducing inflammation.

For your body:

Organic Coconut Oil $3.99 from ALDI 


For your face:

Facial Sheet Mask + Face Serum $3.00 from KMART


3. A little pampering goes a long way

Whether you suffer from dry skin or not, winter is a good time to treat yourself and look after your skin.

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