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With a mantra to stand out from the crowd, Funk Coffee + Food brings a fresh new flavour and coffee culture to the heart of Port Adelaide. Sourcing fresh and local produce from South Australian producers, the popular coffee operators have created a menu that is fun and fresh with delicious seasonal specials that cater for a range of palates and include gluten free and vegetarian options.

At Funk Coffee+Food the food is freshly prepared; Cold Cut Meats sliced every morning; breads baked fresh in the early hours and delivered to the shop daily. Grade A quality Fruit and Veg are also delivered and sliced in-store.

The Funk Coffee Blend was created with the busy CBD crew in mind. A coffee blend that is not afraid of challengers, delivering a balanced hit of dark chocolate flavours to a discerning coffee loving public. This coupled with Baristas that are trained in the art of making a great cup of coffee, makes for a first-class coffee and food experience.

We like to think of Funk as a one stop shop where you can rely on exceptional service and quality, an oasis in the busy work day if you like.


Funk Coffee + Food use locally supplied coffee and have their own signature Funk Blend which is a hit for a morning coffee buzz. They also have a three-bean blend of 100% Arabica coffee. It is full-bodied and easy drinking

Funk Coffee is roasted locally to ensure absolute freshness and delivered to the store every Monday of every week. It is a special blend of three key components that were specially designed for Funk customers to enjoy.

Funk Coffee delivers a full bodied, dark chocolate and balanced palette that is suitable for an early morning kick, a lunch jolt, and a drag your sorry butt across the finish line, coffee experience.


At Funk Coffee+Food  have rolls that are baked fresh and breads delivered to the shop daily.  Nothing is frozen or thawed so that the rolls are tasty and fresh every time.

When you come into the store, choosing your food is easy. Feeling creative? You have a whole sandwich bar to explore and if you don't have the brain power to make a decision then Funk has got your back. They pre-make a special selection of rolls from the menu just before the lunch rush so that you can order and take your food away express style.

Feeling hungry and craving something hot? 

Funk Coffee+Food also have a selection of warm light meals, burgers or even a baked potato, to keep you satisfied. Fruit salad, muesli and yoghurt, or full cooked breakfasts are some more favourites at breakfast time. And for the sweet-tooth they have a full selection of bar cakes and muffins to give you a bit of a kick start or reboot.

Allergies to foods or diet conscious customers can alert the service attendants to their requirements and they will do their best to make suggestions that will have you walking away satisfied.

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Trading hours may vary on public holidays - please check directly with the store

Shop G.T15
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