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Shanghai Teahouse

Chinese Cuisine

The Shanghai Tea House, an exciting new Oriental experience with authentic Shanghai food, Yum Cha and traditional Chinese Teas which has now opened at Port Adelaide Plaza™‚Äč shopping centre.

The Yum Cha style menu provides quick, easy to eat meals with the wonderful aromas of freshly made mouth-watering Chinese food and tea. There’s even an area set aside where patrons can watch the traditional Chinese Tea making process with professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff explaining and demonstrating the process step by step in order to appreciate the flavour of the various teas.

Another unique experience at SHANGHAI TEA HOUSE is where diners can watch the hand-making process of a variety of Dim Sums and then enjoy these with a wonderful selection of other traditional Shanghai inspired Chinese food, dumplings and Yum Cha. Bookings for Yum Cha are recommended but not essential.